Chatterbox Live provides the opportunity for students and parents to voice their thoughts about the issues that matter to them when it comes to education in today's world.

Held once a term, Chatterbox Live is a live Q&A hosted alongside Greg Whitby, Executive Director of Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta designed to promote voice and agency within our learning communities. The previous episodes of Chatterbox Live can be found on this page, as well as the archived answers from Executive Director Greg Whitby.

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The Latest Questions

Hear what Executive Director of Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, Greg Whitby, had to say on all things schooling in the most recent episode of Chatterbox Live.

  • Greg Whitby's Responses
    • Why has teaching changed from how it was in the past?

      The real purpose of teaching hasn’t changed - it is to give every young person the best opportunities to learn. However, the technologies teachers use today have changed a lot even in the last 10 years.

      The world is changing, so the ways we teach need to change also. Technology plays a bigger role in schooling and we have to respond in ways that best prepare students for the world in which they live, learn and eventually work.

    • Should we be able to choose what we learn about?

      Every subject should give you the opportunity to explore something that you’re really interested in. Learning is a lot easier and more fun when you’re passionate about the subject you are working on. The curriculum helps provides an understanding of the things that are seen as important in today’s world but it isn’t until you really dive into the topics you love that the real fun in learning happens! Do you agree?

    • Should we have a pet day in schools?

      Yes! However, I can't make that mandatory. I think it would be wonderful to bring a pet, but that's a decision for each school community to make.

    • Should sport and the cross country be compulsory?

      We know that physical activity like sport is very important for our health and wellbeing but it’s also really important for our ability to learn. I believe students need a balanced curriculum that includes sport or other forms of physical movement.

    • Why do we need to read every day?

      I hope that you already find reading enjoyable but I do understand if that’s not always the case for everyone. For some of you, I know that it can be hard work. Don’t ever give up trying! Reading books opens up the world to you. It sparks your imagination, your creativity and thinking skills. Reading really matters!

    • Should we start doing Year 7 level work in Year 6 to better prepare for high school?

      Our schools want students to be lifelong learners no matter what year group or stage they are in. The goal is to make the journey from primary to secondary school as smooth as possible so that students aren’t learning things they already know and teachers know where each learner is at.

    • How can schools improve their facilities and spaces for learning in the 21st century?

      We have a plan in place to make sure we are creating fantastic facilities and wonderful, agile learning spaces that make learning exciting and fun. Not only are we building new schools but we are upgrading our existing schools as well. This work has already started.

    • Should all schools provide a canteen?

      Schools have different arrangements for canteens, and that’s okay. What is important is that schools provide quality healthy food options for students. Many parents are able to pack food for their children every day but not not all families can always do that. That is why having food available at school is important.

    • Should all schools be K-12?

      All schools should be great places to learn and grow, regardless of whether the school is K-6 or 7-12. We are now thinking about schooling from Early Learning (pre-school) right through to having multiple pathways to learning and work beyond Year 12. Did you know there are many other options available to students today other than just the Higher School Certificate (HSC).

    • Should school hours be more flexible?

      Absolutely! We live in a time where learning can happen anywhere, anytime and with anyone! I know there are practical things we have to think of like transport timetables and supervision, but we should definitely be looking at how we can make school hours more flexible.

    • How does the Parramatta Diocese affect/influence my school?

      In the Parramatta diocese, we are thinking very differently about schooling. Learning should be something we do for life and we know that we learn better when it is fun and exciting. Schools are part of that big learning journey but only part of it.


      We want you to help you to be the best person you can be. That is our aim!


The Latest Questions

  • Hear what Executive Director of Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, Greg Whitby, had to say on all things schooling in the most recent episode of Chatterbox Live.

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