Enhancing Formation


There are many reasons why the Church remains concerned to ensure that there is a ‘critical mass’ of Catholic leaders and staff in our schools – although we also welcome appropriately qualified staff who are committed Christians or followers of other religions. These staff members, though not Catholic, generously work to support our mission. No-one doubts that the faith and practice of the leaders and staff in a Catholic school significantly affect the students and the character of the education offered. If

Catholic schools are to succeed in the mission articulated above it will be essential that:

  • all those appointed as Principals, Assistant Principals and Religious Education Coordinators (RECs) are faithful Catholics who are ready to embrace the mission of the Catholic school today and to lead and inspire their staff and parents accordingly
  • as far as possible only practising and knowledgeable Catholics are charged with the task of teaching RE in our schools
  • all teachers are committed to the mission of the school and teach and live in accordance with the teachings of the Church
  • while fully supporting existing leaders and staff in our Catholic schools, we identify and form a new generation of leaders and teachers who are deeply committed to the goals of Catholic education
  • vocations to the priesthood, religious life and Christian marriage are actively promoted in our schools
  • Catholic tertiary institutions and those providing inservice and other support are thoroughly informed of the identity and mission of the Catholic school and effective in providing our leaders and staff with the knowledge and skills they need

Taken from Catholic Schools at a Crossroads

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