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  • Looking through a new lens

    We live in a world that is governed by rules and these rules are designed to keep us safe. Schools operate under the same principles. Sometimes however, schools can become overly focused on the ‘rules’ that have no direct impact on safety, or the quality of learning and teaching. Read more...
  • Teachers turn straw into gold

    Acclaimed journalist and TV presenter, Stan Grant has spent his career reporting on stories from around the globe so it was a privilege for our school leaders to hear Stan share his own remarkable story.
  • Greg Whitby calls for an end to student homework and NSW school curriculum overhaul

    On 29th January, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta's Executive Director of Schools, Greg Whitby spoke with Ben Fordham on 2GB explaining that he believes homework has past its use by date. Listen to the full interview...
  • Enjoyable learning for everyone

    Have you ever eaten the same meal as a friend and had a completely different experience? You may have enjoyed the flavour and texture while your friend didn’t. In many ways, that’s how students experience schooling — some are wildly enthusiastic about learning while others are completely uninspired by it. Read more...
  • Achievement or Progress?

    The starting point for measuring what we have achieved should always be where we started from. Progress tells students and parents something worthwhile. Improvement, milestones and learning gain is what really matters. Read more...
  • Reflecting on the big issues

    Every child is entitled to the same level of basic funding and those with additional needs should receive extra funding. Read more...
  • Crafting a love of writing

    Like many other people, my experience of writing as a student was about essays, taking notes from a blackboard and on occasions, having to write out hundreds of lines. For me, it wasn’t just the writing of lines that felt like punishment. Read more...
  • Relief from learning disruptions

    I recently had a conversation with a parent who felt frustrated by what they called the ‘revolving door’ of teachers their son had for Year 8 Maths. Read more...
  • School Technology Costs

    As technology improves, the costs decrease. And while that’s good news, for many families with school-aged children, technology costs can still be a significant part of the family budget, particularly when there are multiple children needing different devices for learning. Read more...
  • Four decades in schooling

    A colleague of mine, Anne, a primary principal, is retiring at the end of this year after 47 years working in schools. So how does one survive and thrive in education for almost half a century? Read more...
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