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  • Inquiry starts early

    When you think about the skills you need to be effective in your workplace, it often comes down to teamwork, problem-solving and communication. These are the same skills we want to develop in all learners from kindergarten through to Year 12. Read more...
  • Seize the day, Dan Tehan, and make education extraordinary

    Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta Executive Director Greg Whitby shared his "study notes" with new Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan in the The Sydney Morning Herald this week. Read more...
  • Streaming v mixed ability classes

    What benefit is there to streaming students in school apart from making the work of teachers easier? The process of streaming students into advanced or intermediate classes, or for academic or vocational pathways, doesn’t broaden learning opportunities for students - it actually narrows them. Read more...
  • How to choose the right school

    How do you choose the best school for your child when they all operate within the same hours across the same number of days and basically follow the same curriculum? Read more...
  • The Amazon Experience for Schools

    While we’ve seen watches that can monitor walking steps and smartphones that get real-time updates on pizza deliveries, we are yet to see the same advancements when it comes to tracking how students are progressing at school. Read more...
  • Executive Director talks ATAR scores on the ABC

    Executive Director Greg Whitby joined the panel of The Drum on the ABC to discuss students with low ATAR scores getting into university. This topic begins at 21:52 into the video.
  • Smart debate needed on smartphones

    Like the value of homework or school uniforms, many people have a strong view on whether mobile phones should be allowed in classrooms. Discussion has been re-ignited recently after Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan supported schools that wanted to ban phones, suggesting they can be a distraction. Read more...
  • Educators push back against school smartphone ban

    Leading educators and school principals say they would not support a ban on smartphones in NSW classrooms, which is being canvassed by the state government and is backed by Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan. Read more...
  • What makes a great school leader?

    Here’s a question for a reader’s poll: say the CEO of NRMA decided to embark on a career change and ended up as principal of a large school. Do you think she or he could do the job effectively? Read more...
  • School ranking season begins

    We are heading into what I refer to as the ‘ranking season’ beginning with the release of NAPLAN results in the next few weeks. In mid-December, there are the HSC results followed up in the media with the top 100 performing high schools. Although I’m no fortune teller, I’m pretty confident of naming most of the top 10 schools in that list because not much has changed over the last decade.
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