Flexible Payment Plans (Direct Debit)

Flexible Payment Plans (FPP) are offered as an alternative payment option for your School Fees. Should you like to accept this offer please complete the Direct Debit Request eForm.


You will need to use the Account, Reference & Payer ID at the foot of your bill and provide bank account or credit card details to schedule payments from. Please note that the Biller code shown on the statement is for online one off payments. The Biller code shown on the eform above is correct for flexible payment plans. The Ref should be entered with no spaces. The enclosed direct debit form can be returned in the reply paid envelope provided using a nominated bank account should you not have access to a computer. Please only respond using one option (either by post or by eForm online).

BPoint Instructions

If either form has not been received prior to payment due date Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta will assume you do not wish to take up the flexible payment plan and will pay fees by the payment due date specified on the front of this bill.

Should you wish to discuss your account please contact your school.


Calculation of Instalments

Periodic instalments will be based on the total amount outstanding on your account. You have the option of weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment instalments.

Please note: whilst every attempt has been made to bill all School Fees for the year up front, on occasions there may be a need to bill some additional fees such as excursions later in the year. As it is not practical to amend Flexible Payment Plans parents are requested to pay these fees (if any) separately to the Flexible Payment Plan.


Payments missed

Should your financial institution dishonor a direct debit payment that is scheduled, an administration charge may be charged by your financial institution. Please contact your school should a payment be dishonored to arrange an alternative payment.

Cancellation or Modification of Flexible Payment Plan (Direct Debit)

Your Flexible Payment Plan may be cancelled

  • by you, giving written notice to School / CEDP of your wish to cancel the arrangement using the Cancel-Vary-Suspend Form

  • by CEDP, due to 3 dishonors being received

  • by us, upon your account being paid in full or in credit and there being no current student enrolled.


You may modify an on-going Direct Debit Request Authority from a nominated bank account by:



Contact Us

You can contact Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta by email or phone on (02) 9840 5600 weekdays between 8am and 5pm.

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Contact Us

  • You can contact Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta by email or phone on (02) 9840 5600 weekdays between 8am and 5pm.

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