Meeting Diverse Learning Needs

Special Education

Each child is unique and learns in a variety of ways and at different rates. Our commitment to improving the learning outcomes for each student ensures that strengths are nurtured in a Christian environment.

In some cases, children have learning difficulties or disabilities that require additional programs and support. Through pastoral care, school learning support teams meet students’ individual needs.

Catholic schools also nurture the learning experience of those students who require an additional challenge. Students are offered personalised learning to ensure that their academic needs are met.

Learn about Post School Options Program for Students with Additional Needs

Learning Support Teachers

All schools in the Parramatta diocese have Learning Support teachers. The allocation of Learning Support teachers is based on the size of the school and the needs within each particular school. The Learning Support teacher works with the whole school community, including parents, to provide consultation, assessment, planning and referral services for students with a variety of learning and additional needs.

Learning Support teachers work in a number of different ways such as:

  • providing direct service delivery to students
  • consulting with and supporting class teachers with curriculum differentiation
  • coordinating the Personalised Planning and
  • liaising with the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta in areas such as assessment and funding applications

Further assistance can be provided by:

  • school-based Learning Support teachers and teacher assistants
  • support programs for students with a hearing or vision impairment
  • educational psychologists who support groups of primary and secondary schools
  • speech pathology assessment and advice
  • Transition programs to employment or further studies/ training for secondary students with disabilities
  • a secondary support class for students with moderate intellectual disabilities
  • a satellite class in conjunction with St Gabriel’s School for Hearing Impaired Children Castle Hill, for secondary students
  • autism satellite classes in conjunction with Aspect Australia
  • personalised planning processes for students
  • professional development activities for teacher and parents

Personalised Plans

A key part of the education program is to establish an Personalised Plan for students. Personalised Plans (PPs) are the written outcome of a planning process required for all students with diagnosed disabilities. The plans involve parents/caregivers, teachers, Learning Support teachers and other support personnel in setting goals for the students for the school year. These goals focus on areas that need development. Personalised Plans may focus on curriculum, personal care, safety and health, transition and/or behaviour.


Important Notice
Parents of students with additional needs are encouraged to begin the enrolment process at least a year in advance of the normal enrolment period to allow for assessment of the support and adjustments required for your child.

Initial contact should be made with the principal of your local Catholic school.

You may be asked to provide copies of assessments or reports concerning your child’s needs. It may be suggested that further assessments be undertaken by the Learning Support teacher at the school or by staff from Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta.

The enrolment process involves consultation and clarification of student needs. Available support and resources are investigated with parents, school personnel and special education division members.

Student support

Students that receive additional education support are commonly identified with the one or more of the following conditions:

  • intellectual disabilities
  • physical disabilities
  • hearing impairment
  • vision impairment
  • communication disorders
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • mental health condition (emotional disorders)

Further information about meeting the diverse needs of students may be obtained by contacting your local Catholic school directly or Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta



Contact Us

You can contact Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta by email or phone on (02) 9840 5600 weekdays between 8am and 5pm.

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Contact Us

  • You can contact Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta by email or phone on (02) 9840 5600 weekdays between 8am and 5pm.

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