We ask you to direct all subpoena requests directly to Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese.

Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese (CSPD) has legal authority to accept service of documents on behalf of all schools, Catholic Out of School Hours Care and Catholic Early Learning Centres within the Diocese of Parramatta and CSPD business departments.

Where to address you request

Subpoenas should be addressed to The Proper Officer at CSPD and sent via email to: privacy@parra.catholic.edu.au

And/or via mail to:

The Proper Officer
Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese
The Bethany Centre
470 Church Street
Parramatta NSW 2150

Where to address you request

St Thomas Aquinas Springwood - Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese Ltd
St Thomas Aquinas Springwood
Compliance time or return date

CSPD does not hold documents centrally. To ensure we can comply with your Subpoena production date, please allow a minimum of 14 working days for CSPD to contact the relevant areas to obtain documents that fall within the scope of the Subpoena. If CSPD is unable to produce the documents in time, we may contact you to seek an extension. If the subpoena is served during the school holidays, there will likely be a delay if your Subpoena seeks school records.

Description of the documents

Please ensure that the description of documents to be produced is as specific as possible and do not cover an excessively general scope. This will ensure that the issuing party receives the documents required, without unnecessarily burdening the CSPD by searching for documents that are not required. Please supply the following where available:

  • The person’s position at CSPD for whom documents are being sought
  • The school(s) [if relevant] from where the documents are being sought
  • The person’s date of birth, and
  • The time period for which documents are required.

CSPD does not accept service of subpoenas to attend to give evidence

Those Subpoenas must be served directly on the individual required to give evidence. If the evidence required is in relation to a position a person holds at the CSPD, then CSPD may provide advice and assistance with complying or attending to give evidence.

Conduct money for subpoenas

We charge fees (conduct money) to produce documents under Subpoena and this is called conduct money. The purpose of conduct money is to provide CSPD with reasonable compensation for the cost of complying with a Subpoena. Those costs include, but are not limited to, staff time in locating and searching records, the resources involved in copying documents and payment for delivery of documents to the appropriate Court, Tribunal or other recipient.

CSPD conduct money for handling a Subpoena are as follows:
Standard fee* $60 for one person
$80 for two people
$90 for three people
$120 for four people
Legal Aid request** $40 for one person, over 50 pages
$30 per person thereafter, over 50 pages
$20 flat fee per person, under 50 pages

* Please note that files over 300 pages will incur a $5 addition for each 100 pages thereafter. This does not apply to Legal Aid requests (see below for the meaning of a Legal Aid request).

** A Legal Aid request is where the party serving the subpoena is in receipt of a grant of Legal Aid, or being represented by a Community Legal Centre, or being represented on a pro bono basis. Evidence of this will be required.

Need help?

If you have an enquiry concerning the serving of subpoenas please send us a message.

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