Education within the Diocese of Parramatta is a ministry of the Catholic Church, walking with humility in the way of Jesus, serving all of God’s people.

Nagle Catholic College Blacktown

Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta schools:

Are truly Catholic in identity and life
Are led by caring staff committed to sharing the Catholic faith with students in partnership with families
Build faith communities that support students and staff to flourish
Value each student as an individual
Share the values of the Gospel to help students grow in faith and learning
Are welcoming and just

Finding the hope that is within

My dream for Religious Education in the Diocese of Parramatta is that the students come to know Christ and to love his Teachings, what He stands for and to be inspired by Him in order to follow in his footsteps and to give witness to the Values that he taught us and He exemplifies.

Most Reverend Vincent Long OFM Conv DD Bishop of Parramatta

Catholic schools ensure that students come to know Jesus Christ through exploring Catholic Tradition and Teaching in the context of their lived experience. Children and young people are supported to discover the hope that is within, and experience a meaningful and flourishing life.

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Finding the hope that is within

Finding the hope that is within
Most Reverend Vincent Long

Great places to grow in faith and learning

It is in the playground, assemblies and classrooms where every subject contributes to a genuinely religious way of understanding the world. The invitation to meaningful prayer and liturgy, as well as participation in the Sacraments, nurture and give expression to the religious dimension of school life in the context of the Church’s celebration of the liturgical year.

Great places to grow in faith and learning

Great places to grow in faith and learning
Christ the King Nth Rocks

Our specialist teachers share their faith and example with students making schools great places to grow in faith and learning. Students flourish as they develop specific knowledge, understanding, skills and strong values.

Working together

Parents have the first responsibility for the education of their children.

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Strong partnerships between home and school support students to grow in faith and learning. Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta recognises parents and carers as each child’s most influential, primary, and essential educators. Working together with families and parishes, schools welcome open communication. Our supportive learning environments provide holistic Catholic education programs for all our students.


A commitment to quality learning

The quality of education in the learning space is enhanced when:

  • The relationship between teachers and students is based on respect and care coming from the understanding that we are all made in the image and likeness of God
  • Students genuinely learn when challenged to inquire into issues that directly impact their lives and the lives of others
  • Students recognise that their learning is owned by them
  • Teachers are appropriately qualified and are authentic witnesses to the Gospel message.

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A commitment to quality learning

A commitment to quality learning
Sharing Our Catholic Tradition

Catholic schools are places of justice, compassion, love and mercy where everyone is welcome.

Social Justice

Catholic education has a long tradition of social teaching, at the centre of which is the dignity of each person and the common good.

RE Accreditation

All teachers who teach Religious Education must be accredited, either by receiving the Accreditation to Teach Religious Education or by receiving Temporary Accreditation to Teach Religious Education.

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