Catholic education supports students becoming more informed about the world and their role in its future. These matters are important to all young people and many Catholic schools have discussions with their students about global issues in a supervised school setting.

Social justice initiatives give schools the chance to take action and empower young people to be part of a solution.

There’s no better way for students to express the principles of Catholic social teaching than to stand together with their peers and teachers at school in support of those most in need.

Project Compassion

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The good of society through learning

In the Diocese of Parramatta all schools regularly engage in activities to support Catholic Mission with fundraising and awareness-raising initiatives.

Students are encouraged to work closely with their local parish, community groups, support local charities and participate in outreach or immersion experiences for the benefit of the whole community and the student’s personal development.

The good of society through learning

The good of society through learning

Social justice and outreach opportunities typically include:

Clean Up Australia Day
Community events
Environmental initiatives
Fundraising events
Project Compassion
Visits to aged care facilities
Social Issues
St Vincent de Paul
Winter Appeals

Many secondary schools also conduct immersion experiences for their students to locations such as India, East Timor and the Phillipines.Many secondary schools also conduct immersion experiences for their students to locations such as India, East Timor and the Phillipines.

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