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Looking for a great school for your child? Catholic schools in Greater Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains are enrolling now.

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The wellbeing and safety of your child is a key priority in our Catholic schools

An essential part of being a Catholic school is offering students a warm, connected, safe and collaborative environment in which to learn. CSPD is committed to keeping children safe at all of our centres of learning and to building child safe communities. Our schools are led by love, compassion and respect for all and celebrate the inclusion of all students, supporting the learning needs of every individual.

Student Wellbeing
Building child-safe communities

Our faith journey

The Gospel messages of love, forgiveness, tolerance and compassion, and the person of Jesus Christ, are central to everything that happens at a CSPD school, including the learning. Our caring teachers share faith and learning with students, including through their own example.

Sharing our Catholic Tradition
Our Religious Education curriculum 
Social justice initiatives

Our faith journey

Religious Education - Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese Ltd
How to enrol

We offer families greater choice by allowing you to apply for enrolment at a Catholic school anywhere in the Parramatta Diocese.

Affordable education

We are committed to providing an affordable quality Catholic education for families by seeking to keep fees as low as possible.

Dedicated teachers who really care

Our students are supported by skilled, creative and compassionate teachers who are dedicated to improving the learning outcomes of every student.

Parent Involvement

Our welcoming schools ensure that parents and carers are well informed about your child’s schooling and value your participation in school life.

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We look forward to getting you started on the enrolment process or just answering any questions you still have.

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