Sets of twins that are starting 2024 at Caroline Chisholm College Glenmore Park
Charlotte Turnbull, Gabrielle Turnbull, Molly Basman, Matilda Basman, Ava Marakovic, Sophia Marakovic, Nehchal Gill, Rasleen Gill, Faizah Rehan, Fizzah Rehan and Principal Tania Cairns.

Staff and students at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College are well and truly seeing double, with five sets of twins starting this year.

Principal Tania Cairns said she has also only ever seen three sets of twins in one year group before.

“We have had two and I think one year there was three, but not five, so this is really a first, it’s very unusual,” she said.

“I don’t quite know what was in the water back in time when they were conceived, but there was certainly something in the water there!”

Caroline Chisholm Glenmore Park

With four sets identical and one fraternal, Cairns said having that many twins at the school overall has been just as special for the kids as it is the school.

“Having gathered together last week, they certainly felt like it was very special for them, because they said they had other twins in their school, but none of them had other twins in their year groups,” she said.

They’re a special little group within themselves, really.

Cairns said that all of the twins are in the same classes, except one set who have been separated since Year 4, noting how strongly linked they all are to one another.

“I’ve noticed how physically connected they were, because one of them had arms link and another was holding hands – you wouldn’t normally see that in Year 7,” she said.

“It was very hard to pull them apart, they were very strongly linked to each other.”

Caroline Chisholm Glenmore Park

Noting last year’s leadership team, Cairns said that maybe Caroline Chisholm is the place to be for twins in the area.

“It’s extraordinary, and it’s very, very special, especially in an all-girls school,” she said.

“Last year we had identical twin captains, and they were great role models, so I’m excited about it.”

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